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Development of laser technology

Consulting and teaching activities; hiring an expert for projects and technology setup.

To achieve the best efficiency, I have adapted the knowledge of laser technologies to different decision-making layers. Trainings are available from 1-2 hours up to several days long training, so you can choose flexible a learning package that suits for you. Select your level or questions that you may have from the description below, and in the solution you find exactly which knowledge you will get during advising or education.

In addition, I undertake the calculation of artificial optical radiation (such as laser light radiation) for workers, the periodic review and risk analysis provided for in the Regulation, in accordance with EU Directive 2006/25/EC and national regulars.

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The education material includes the following laser beam machining technologies:

  • low power (10-200W) laser engravers,
  • laser sintering units of metal or plastic powders (50-400W),
  • laser solders for electronic parts (100-500W),
  • laser soldering of metal plates (400-2000W),
  • laser cutting (plastic, wood 300W – metal 3000W),
  • and laser welding (plastic 300W – metal 12000W).

Hiring of laser expertise

  • Are you struggle with the leakage of laser specialist?
  • Do you not able or do you not worth to apply a laser specialist for 8 hours daily work?
  • Do you have an urgent-starting laser project? And there is no time to wait for the arrival of a new workforce, and his training?
  • Do you need a new process setup due to the change of material or product? Or were the requirements changed and the technology had to be setup again?
  • Do you want to optimize or make more economical the current processes?

For top leaders

  • Would you like to define yours company laser technology investment for a long time?
  • Do you want introduce cost effective the laser technologies?
  • You have doubts about the advantages and disadvantages of introducing laser technologies?
  • Do you want look at for laser technologies objectively and manufacturer independently?
  • Do you want to know what additional investment costs will be expected caused by laser technology?
  • Or are you just interesting yourself for a long time what means the LASER?

For project leader

  • Do you want to predict what cost, technology and human resources you need caused by laser technologies?
  • Do you want to know what extra tasks you have to do with laser technologies?
  • Do you want to look at the laser technology objectively?
  • Do you need specific knowledge of brand or product?
  • Or are you interesting in LASER’s physical background?

For process and project engineers

  • Do you need laser technology knowledge for daily work?
  • Do you have to set machining parameters during the project or caused by supplier changes?
  • Do you want to know what laser parameter affects welding seams parameters?
  • Or do you want to know in what size and in which direction you need adjust the laser parameters to meet the quality requirements of seams?
  • Do you have to make or change risk analysis, FMEA, process diagram or keep them up to date for audits?
  • Do you need specific knowledge of brand or product?
  • If you have to work with a laser, do you want to know more about the physical foundations?
  • Do you have to train your maintenance guy, operators, line workers, etc …? Are you responsible for their work? Do you also need competence?

Mechanical engineering

As an mechanical engineer, with more than 10 years professional experience in vehicle manufacturing and vehicle repair, with many years of competitive engineering experience in mechanical engineering in the field of vehicle manufacturing, electronics industry and special machine design / construction

I undertake the preparation of engineering designs.

Precision, sophistication for my work, reliability, accurate to keeping of tight deadlines, high level of discretion (eg fundamental research, development, patent, etc.) and secrecy are specific for my job.

Service in special and general engineering fields

  • Are you struggle with the leakage of mechanical engineer?
  • Do you need a mechanical engineer for a project?
  • Do you want to develop your ideas only on mechanical level, and after that do you want to implement yourself the construction forth?
  • Do you need professional CAD modelling?
  • Aren’t you engineer, but you need 3D CAD skills for visual designs or sketches (eg for patent applications)?
  • Is it difficult to move in the world of 3D design?
  • Do you need only smaller mechanical services?

Prototype and small series production (RP, RT, RM)

RP (rapid prototyping)

  • Do you want to see, touch or rotate physically your components designed in 3D-CAD software?
  • Is it not necessary to create the piece from its final material at an early stage of design?
  • Then the rapid prototype technologies (RP) are the solution for you. We produce your components designed in 3D-CAD for short-term, high-quality and cost-effective: from plastic with Fused Deposition Modeling technology (FDM), with Stereolithography technology (SLA), with 3D Printing (polyjet, objet, 3DP) with laser sintering (SLS); or from metal with selective laser sintering (DMLS).

RT (rapid tooling)

  • Do you need moulding form or injection moulding tools that can be used to make prototype or low series production from the final material (aluminium or other light metals or plastics)?
  • We undertake the manufacture of wax casting shapes by rapid prototyping technologies and milling of aluminium injection moulds.

Do you have other needs for a small series of manufacturing as above mentioned?
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We are working also for foreign partners (German, Austrian, Italian, ect.).

RM (rapid manufacturing)

  • Do you need prototypes or small series of pieces that match with large extent to the final product?
  • Do you need different physical variants for product approval or control the visual design?
  • We undertake the casting of low series products of aluminium and other light metals; injection moulding of low series products of plastic parts; cutting of sheet metal parts and covers from steel-stainless steel-plastic sheet, bending, surface treatment (sandblasting, painting, galvanizing); 3-5-axis milling of parts of plastic, steel, aluminium and other light metal blocks.

Contact information

Szabolcs HERCZEG, Ph.D.

Mechanical Engineer,
Doctor of Mechanical Engineering

e-mail: herczegsz (at) hsmti.hu
tel.: +36-20-427-4166
8200-Veszprém, Csillag u. 1.
community tax number (VAT Reg No): HU 68617376
web: www.hsmti.hu

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