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I dedicated my laser technology expertise to a separate activity in 2020, from now
you can find more information on the renewed website at a www.lezertanusitas.hu .

Design and construction of special machine

Move it

Design of multi-level belt, roller and pallet convejor systems. Equipped with logical decisions systems (lever deflectors, forced paths, side forwarder, scrap management, PLC programming), automatic weight measurement, labeling (label printing, inkjet marking, barcode, QR code, Data Matrix code), with control functions (image processing systems: size, presence of material and information, quantity checks).

Machine frames, assembly workstations, individual movement mechanisms, safety walls or even furniture made from Bosch, Item and with them compatible aluminum systems .

The manufacturer of your machine is not reachable? Or do you want more professional solutions?
As a qualified expert of the Hungarian Chamber of Engineers (read more in the “About us” section), we undertake the modernization of the material handling system of your machines, with automatic material conveying paths on the input and output side or even with robots. Design and integration of automated buffer storage into an existing production line. Risk and resource evaluation of production lines, making of proposals for capacity expansion. Expansion of an existing production lines with additional function. Implement of automatic material transfer systems beetwen production machines.

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CAD design, FEM analysis, industrial rendering

Show your ideas

We have a SolidWorks CAD program and CAD workstations that are optimized for performance. Based on your sketches and ideas, we create 3D-CAD models of components, we build your virtual products, and from these, we can create the outputs you define, like 2D production drawings; DXF-DWG Cutting Plans; exploded drawings; installation instructions; presentations.


We specialize the professional industrial rendering of 3D models (STL, STEP, VDA, FBX, IGED, Parasolid, OBJ, WRML, SVG, X3D) into  catalogs, presentations, advertisements, websites. E.g.: photorealistic view of an stand alone product; realistic placement of consumer products in kitchens, living rooms, offices, industrial environments, etc …

Professional industrial rendering

Back and forth conversion of 3D data from CAD systems to graphics programs. E.g.: SolidWorks (*.sldprt, *.sldasm), AutoDesk Inventor (*.aim, *.ipt), Catia V5 (*.CATProduct, *.CATPart), ProEngineer és Creo (*.asm, *.prt), NX (*.prt), AutoCAD (*.dwg, *.dxf), SolidEdge (*.par), SketchUp (*.skp), AutoDesk Fusion 360 (*.f3d, *.f3z), Rhino (*.3dm)

Digitizing images and converting them to vector graphics, (E.g.: JPG, PNG, BMP  > DXF, DWG, SVG) that can be used for machine processing (sponge cutting, sponge milling, laser cutting, laser engraving, 2.5 to 5 axis CNC milling, CNC turning).
In these cases, we cater to the needs of not only machine builders, but also independent product developers, start-ups, graphic studios and web designers.

Vectorisation of pictures

Industrial image processing systems

We provide solutions

With more years of professional experience, we undertake the programming of Cognex industrial image processing systems.
Do you have quality issues with the manufacturing line? Do you think, any camera system can provide a solution for you (presence detection, position measurement, shape and position tolerance)? Then we can help you develop solutions, make decisions, and if you really need to use an image processing system, we help you to choose it, to program it,  to install it and, if necessary, to operate and maintain it. We also undertake camera upgrading of existing production lines and their adaptation to PLC software. Maintenance, reprogramming, relocation, upgrading of existing camera systems.

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PLC and robot programming

Keep it moving

With many years of relevant experience in the automotive industry, we undertake the programming of ABB robots, the modification of programs, to every technology like: cutting, gluing, welding and soldering, etc…  With university research background, we are committed to setting up and optimizing these technologies for new and existing systems. Integration of measuring system for robotic arms, design and construction of gripping heads, modification of gripping mechanisms.

Siemens STEP7 PLC programming. System integration. We undertake to integrate the system designed and implemented by us (robots, industrial cameras, etc.) into your existing PLC programs, based on a preliminary survey. If required, we undertake to programing of PLCs other than Siemens, (eg: Omron, Delta, etc.).

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Contact information

Szabolcs HERCZEG, Ph.D.

Mechanical Engineer,
Doctor of Mechanical Engineering

e-mail: herczegsz (at) hsmti.hu
tel.: +36-20-427-4166
8200-Veszprém, Csillag u. 1.
community tax number (VAT Reg No): HU 68617376
web: www.hsmti.hu

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